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Virus removal
Startup Failure

Level 1- This method will produce results in the event that the file allocation table (fat ) (ntfs) has become corrupted. Normally when this occurs, it affects the booting of the computer; you may not get as far as the desktop. (This is where you see your icons and wallpaper).


Level 2 -If level 1 recovery fails to work, low level recovery process will be required. This is a complicated procedure. The files recovered will not have any file name and folder grouping as severe data loss has occurred . For example a word document called interview.doc after recovery will be named as file01.doc; hence the loss of file name. Each individual file will need to be open to be renamed.

Low level will pull all readable files off the hard drive, and will retrieve files going back many years, and photos from previously visited website’s that will require sorting.

Data Recovery level2

Level 3- When your hard disc is not being detectedData Recovery Level 3

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I don't know how many files I have , how much is 10gb?

Ans: As a rough guide: 1200 photo + 1000 music tracks + 500 word and excel files will be approx 10gb.

What do you mean by data?

Files, such as music, pictures, word, powerpoint, excel, favourites, (your personal files). Not including your Programs. I think I have more than 10gb of data.

Can you still recover my files? If data is greater than 10Gb, we will require your computer to be taken off site. An extra charge will apply. 10 for every 10gb. We can negotiate this rate as it can get costly if you have greater then 30Gb.